Yoga Hikes


We venture to awe inspiring locations in the majestic Laurel Highlands, Pittsburgh and other destinations.

We will guide you to your comfort level and beyond as we explore all aspects of yoga and adventure while immersing yourself in nature. Learn to recognize fear for what it is and overcome it so that you may choose to live limitless! We will share with you how to fuse yoga and movement, with techniques for moving uphill and downhill. Increase your balance and stamina as we mindfully practice yoga using contours in nature such as trees, rocks, creeks and rivers. Every time I practice outdoors, I am grateful that my studio has no walls!

Yoga hikes are intentionally spontaneous. We connect with our inner child and experience nature through those eyes. It is easy to learn to focus on the moment with the sun shining, a breeze rustling the trees, the sounds of water and birds to replace the chatter in your mind.

I believe our human condition requires us to relate closely with our environment. Our soil, the woods, water in all it's glorious forms absolutely has healing benefits. Water in particular influences our emotional health and well being.

A 2.5 hour hiking experience with stops along the way to incorporate yoga.

Yoga hikes are for everyone! Bring your group large or small. We specialize in kids camps, sports teams and corporate outings. Family members of all ages and fitness levels are welcome!

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Yoga Hikes