60 Day Ultimate Cleanse and ReNew

Fuel your body's energy, reset your mind, and pave the way for the extraordinary life you've always desired.

Your Lifestyle is the key to Optimal Health and Wealth.

My one-of-a-kind, completely customized holistic coaching and simple practices will unite your mind, heart, body, and soul; and put you on a path to radiant vitality and a newfound sense of purpose so that you finally feel WHOLE and BALANCED.

Discover your transformative potential by identifying your unique blueprint and then implementing my exceptional lifestyle practices.

Unlock the secrets to a more vibrant, purpose-driven life. This is not merely shedding toxins from your body, it's a transformational process; an empowering journey by which I guide you through a Nature based detox process, restorative and regenerative meal and supplement plan, mindset ReSet, and exercise routine, whilst creating your unique lifestyle blueprint that leads to an overall state of Optimal Health and Wealth.

Harness the power of holistic wellness as your key to Freedom.

Revitalize Your Body and Mind

Unleash your full potential by detoxing and purifying your body, mind, and energy field. Think of it like a clean slate so that you are FREE to Create. Feel your best so you naturally exude an aura of confidence, magnetism, and love. Manifesting the life of your dreams is fueled by your emotions. Learn to FEEL as if you already have it all.

Dive Deep into Your Journey

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and growth? Experience deeper levels of fulfillment and accomplishment by embracing my transformational practices. Refine your VISION.

Dare to Open Yourself up to Change.

Discover a path to optimal health, wealth, and well-being through an expansive journey of self-empowerment. Gain control over your thoughts and shape your reality.

Ultimate Cleanse is designed for people who are willing to develop dedication and devotion to Self in order to:

  • Clear and Repattern your Subconscious limiting beliefs and ReWrite your inner narrative.

  • Gain mastery over your thoughts so that you form your own reality.

  • Harness the power of your mind and your energy so that you can create positive change.

  • Detoxify your Body - Cleanse and nourish your body for optimal health.

  • Use epigenetic testing to learn how to uniquely Fuel YOUR Body with a Nutritive meal plan

  • Integrate your Heart and your Mind to connect with your Intuition.

  • Establish empowering routines that support your overall growth.

  • Dedicate yourself to consistent and enjoyable practices for lasting transformation.

  • UnVeil your Radiance by ReConnecting with your inner light and shine brightly.

  • ReInvent Yourself as often as you like. We are always Changing. Be the Master of the spiraling cycles of change. ReBirth again and again with BLISS.

Seize this opportunity to step into a new chapter of your life, filled with vitality, abundance, and profound personal growth.

It is an honor to be a valued member of your Health and Wellness team.

The 60 Day Ultimate Cleanse and ReNew Includes:

  • 60 Day Cleanse and ReNew Guidebook.

  • A personal welcome consultation to ensure you are set up for SUCCESS.

  • 2 one to one Coaching Sessions with Tami Gingrow to establish your baseline, personalize your Ultimate Cleanse and ReNew, Create your unique morning practice, and set goals.

  • 2 Sacred IHS Unity Activations - Daily practice for Fear Release and Abundance Integration. We can not create from the energy of Fear.

  • Live Weekly Q&A Meetings via zoom.

  • Weekly videos and inspiration including Shopping and Meal prep tips, recipes, yoga, strength training, meditation and visualization in your inbox.

  • Connection and Community with other like hearted people in the program to connect and support one another.

  • Optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Epigenetic testing to unlock your Unique blueprint for fueling your body.

  • 120 Days supply of the following supplements - When you follow this protocol for 120 days you ReBuild your blood

    • Diatomaceous Earth powder 2.5 lb

      Vita Balance 2000+ M.V. 270 caps

      E3 Digestive Enzymes Supreme 240 veggie caps- 420 mg

      2 E3 Probiotic 30 veggie caps- 50 billion viable units per cap

      2 E3 Live Renew Me Blue Green Algae 300 caps – 800 mg.

      Electrolyte Trace Minerals 16 oz

      1 CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide 16oz. & 1 CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide 2oz 

      Nano Silver 16oz

      Systemic Formulas Fung DX 60 caps

This is for YOU If you're experiencing any of the following:

  • Low energy levels that make it difficult to keep up with your daily routine.

  • A desire to create more joyful and fulfilling experiences with your loved ones.

  • The goal of releasing weight, increasing balance, flexibility, and strength, and improving your overall health and well-being.

  • Frequent anxiety and overwhelm.

  • A dream of manifesting a life that's true to you.

  • Seeking to improve your relationships with yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, and money.

Meet your Guide,

I’m Tami Gingrow.

I am passionate about helping people live a holistic lifestyle. I have been serving in the field of health and wellness for more than 30 years. This completely customized 60 Day Ultimate Cleanse and ReNew is the culmination of the wisdom I have gained and the utilization of the best tools that I am aware of to help you crack the code to detoxing, fueling your body for optimal health and performance, living your best life with passion for your unique purpose for being here in human form in this lifetime, and gain freedom and mastery.

I am a mother of 4 amazing daughters, master gardener, medicine maker, fermenter, yoga instructor, shamanic minister, shamanic breathwork facilitator, transformational life coach and IHS Sacred guide. My life’s purpose is to support you on your journey to Optimal Health and Wealth Naturally, NOW.

Why is it important to cleanse?

Toxins act as blockages that hinder the free flow of your vital life force energy.

  • We are All exposed to Toxins and Poisons at alarmingly increasing levels and from literally thousands of sources.

  • Our water and air are filled with toxins too numerous to list.

  • Our food is grown from genetically modified seeds impregnated with poisons.

  • The use of glyphosate is common practice in conventional farming. Despite the fact that Glyphosate has already been banned in 28 Countries. Bayer-Monsanto have settled 10.8 BILLION DOLLARS in lawsuits for cancer with many more in progress.

  • Our foods are processed to the point we can not recognize any organic origins.

  • Chemtrails and “climate control” chemicals are sprayed in the air.

  • Our cleaning products, skin and body products are filled with toxic ingredients.

  • Our clothing is made with harsh chemicals.

  • The “News” is biased and based in Fear Tactics. We can NOT make good decisions when we are in Fear and Survival mode.

It's essential to overcome blockages in our energy field to manifest physical changes. Reducing exposure to toxins by making better choices, will support your healing process.

Furthermore, it is crucial to be selective about what we allow into our energy field. Consider your media and music choices.

Regular Cleanse and ReNew protocols provide essential support Bringing your body, mind, spirit and emotions into Balance. “during this process.”

We will guide you through an energetic Detox that will free your mind and emotions so you experience inner peace.

Experience the power of Sacred Geometry through Intentional Healing Systems - IHS Unity. Elevate and sustain higher states of consciousness by harnessing the synergy of these powerful tools. During your coaching sessions, we will support you in writing your own powerful intentions, affirmations and visualizations:

  • Crystal-encoded sacred geometry Symbols

  • Intentions

  • Affirmations

  • Visualizations

  • EFT Tapping

The 60 day Ultimate Cleanse and ReNew isn't a quick fix, but rather an investment that requires your time and active participation. You'll collaborate closely with your personalized team to ensure success.

Revolutionize Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Self.

Release energetic obstacles and replenish with Pure Divine Love.

Making small, deliberate choices daily, ones that align with wholeness and heighten consciousness, can generate genuinely extraordinary changes in your day-to-day life.

We are Imaginal Beings. Our thoughts and words are the architects of our reality.Thinking alone will not create the magic, but the combination of thought and emotion can perform miracles.

How will you feel when you achieve optimal health? How will this positively impact you and your loved ones?

Within us, lies the profound ability to heal ourselves and our planet.

Every passing day brings forth greater clarity, illuminating the profound impact of our actions on the world around us. Our choices have far-reaching effects, affecting not only ourselves but everything and everyone interconnected.

While we may not be able to change external circumstances, we do possess the power to transform ourselves.

Taking full ownership of our lives, we positively influence those around us. As we learn to embrace new ways of being, our experiences and relationships flourish. We find the freedom to consciously respond to every situation. We are not powerless drones bumbling around, mere captives in the confines of a human body, but rather powerful co-creators of our world.

Every choice we make holds significance, and embodying this knowledge is the key to unlocking the absolute freedom inherent in conscious choices. For all souls, this is the ultimate goal - true liberation.

Collectively, we have overindulged, but the scales of balance will inevitably restore themselves.

It is now time for each of us to take personal responsibility for our collective situation.

Responsibility means “I have the Ability to Respond to every situation powerfully.  

Recognize and honor the profound significance of every change, big or small, that we choose to make, as each decision creates a ripple effect.

Prioritize your health and well-being above all else, starting right now!

The world needs the best version of YOU!

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