Yoga at Sanaview Farms

Yoga at Sanaview Farms

Join Yoga Teacher Tami Gingrow on her “Summer Tour”!

  • Time: Every Tuesday from 9:30am-10:45am
  • 3 - 6 Class Sessions:
  • Session 1: Tuesday June 4th through July 9th
  • Session 2: Tuesday July 16th through August 13th
  • Session 3: Tuesday August 20th through September 24th
  • Location: Sanaview Farms, 280 Roaring Run Rd, Champion, PA 15622
  • Investment:
  • Single Class: $15 per person
  • 6 Class Session: $75 per person

“Transformational Elemental Yoga” is Body in Balance’s signature yoga class... With an emphasis on pranayama, alignment, immersing yourself in the elements and nature, and most importantly…..going within….to discover your higher consciousness. Tami loves to playfully explore how to build more challenging poses from the ground up using architectural features and props in nature.

Tuning into our true nature and our child nature while increasing strength, flexibility stamina and core strength. Discover the Goddess within.

Sanaview farms is a welcome addition to our Summer Tour. Ideally, I would practice outdoors always, given the option. We have many options at the farm - the fabulous barn, the patio, the pond and the fields. We enjoy all the splendor of the farm this summer.

This is an all levels class...Perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike!

Yoga at Sanaview Farms

Tranquil and serene is the perfect setting for a morning yoga practice. The energy at Sanaview Farms is a compliment to your practice!

Why book a session?

We have created the 3 sessions so that we have opportunity to show appreciation for those of you who choose to support this class offering in a regular basis. We lack population on the mountain in the Laurel Highlands. We appreciate your support very much!! We hope you will join us and bring a friend!! Namaste!