Transformational Kundalini Yoga Immersion

LIVE Morning Sadhana Kundalini Practice

This practice provides all the tools you need to Break Through any blocks you are experiencing and create the life you dream of
Program Launches in
Every morning @ 7:30 A.M. EST
33 day sadhana practice
You are invited to connect with Your Empowered Truth. ReBirth yourself to ReVeal your Highest Potential.
ReBirth Yourself….and create a ripple effect that impacts our World….Together we ReCreate the World we wish to live in.

RePattern your Breath, RePattern your Thoughts

ReNew Yourself, the very best version of Yourself

ReLease and Transmute Karma

ReSet Your Divine DNA Blueprint.

ReGenerate the Power to Manifest Your Highest Potentials

It Requires Great Courage to DO the Inner Work to BEcome the Master of the Change and Transformation that is always Occurring in us and around us.

UnLeash the Divine Feminine Rebellion of LOVE

Let’s Rise together to claim and protect our Freedom and our Sovereignty.

It is time to unveil the truth and reality of our present time

Unite in our power, creativity, harmony, and most importantly LOVE.

rebirthing body in balance
rebirthing body in balance
rebirthing body in balance
rebirthing body in balance
rebirthing body in balance
rebirthing body in balance
rebirthing body in balance
rebirthing body in balance
rebirthing body in balance
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UNLOAD Negative Subconscious patterns and programs running in the background ENTER THE “ZERO POINT VOID” THE WOMB, THE SPACE OF INFINITE POTENTIAL.

ReBirthing is a series of 33 Kundalini Yoga Experiences compiled in the 1980`s. It was deliberately recorded for Future generations….It is a powerful tool for us NOW to help us shift into the Age of Aquarius.

This Work is more Relevant and Fruitful now than ever before.

This particular body of work has been one of the most beneficial tools for Healing, Growth and Transformation in my personal experience. It helped me learn to process stuck emotions and energy. To Rid myself of the worthlessness and fear that held me back for lifetimes.

Therefore I am delighted to share it with the world…It is my strong belief that if you DIVE into this work, you too will HEAL DEEPLY.
One of the greatest takeaways for me is that Death and ReBirth are merely a constant cycle of change…The Spiral Path.

Holistic Health is interdependent with the cycles of Nature. Winter is the season of Death….But only to be Birthed anew in the Spring…..We are always changing.It is a LAW OF NATURE. This practice, if fully adopted, removes the Sting and the Fear of Death itself. We become the master of our constant Transformation, Fully Empowered to Manifest the life of our own design.

Once we Acknowledge, Accept and Integrate our Shadow, Fear Loses its Power over us.
We have abandoned parts of our very selves that we were taught to loathe, be ashamed of or fearful of.

You are invited to join me as i travel through the vibrant, abundant, rich energy of The mountains, jungles and the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica...

This region of our incredible Mother earth is so very ALIVE that you will experience the energy as an added boost to the supercharged Kundalini Yoga Series.

Kundalini Yoga Basics - Bhandas and Breath (Video link coming soon)

ReBirthing Series Begins April 20, 2023

Register for the Entire 35 class series and receive the Digital Series filmed in Costa Rica FREE to experience as you desire!

Invest in YourSelf! There is no greater change you can make then to adopt a MORNING PRACTICE!

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