Tami’s Story…

I am an intuitive and I’m thrilled to share simple techniques that Empower YOU to activate NEW Habits and Take Action to make lasting changes that impact our world.
My path has been one of continual learning about Optimal Holistic Health and Wellness.

One Undeniable Truth I’ve discovered...
Transformation is always occurring.

Learning to Embrace and be the Master of the Changes AND Your Own Energy Field is a key to Optimal Holistic Health, which is interdependent upon a Thriving Planet, Our Mother Earth, our only Home.

I am Blessed with 4 incredible daughters. They are all out of the nest. I could not be more proud of each one of them. It is a tremendous honor to be their Mother.

From the time I was a teenager, I felt a strong calling to help others heal and live their best life. I am a lifelong learner. I delight in sharing the healing processes that have been most beneficial in my own healing journey.

Transforming and Transcending lifetimes of karmic cycles

Hunting & eradicating the paralyzing fears that kept me small and often times stuck in patterns of self sabotage

Clearing, balancing and optimizing my energy field

Discovering ReBirthing - The Constant Cycles of Birth, Life, Death and ReBirth are ALWAYS occurring…. Becoming Consciously Aware of these cycles, the spiral path enables you to Master Transformation and FLOW through the changes with Ease and Grace

Continually Fine tuning the ways in which I fuel my body, mind and spirit and balance my emotions

Over the course of 30 plus years in the Healing Arts, I have collected and curated Many Tools to support and guide you on your Journey to Optimal Health, Freedom and Joy.

I have studied many healing modalities over 3 decades. Most recently I have become a Shamanic Minister and Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator through Venus Rising University and a Sacred Practitioner and Coach With IHS Unity, Currently, I am studying with Quantum University to be a Doctor of Integrative Medicine, and I am studying Sociocracy, an egalitarian way for those who associate together to make decisions together.

It is at the moment we first awaken to the Vastness of Our Own Spirit and Our Own Inherent Power that a Shamanic Journey leading to Wholeness is possible….Spiritual Consciousness Embodied and put into action on Earth

It is an honor to support you and become your accountability partner as you commit to employ new habits that will have you Feeling Restored, Energized and Radiant so you can show up fully for;


Your loved ones

Your passions

Your career

All of your relationships

We are at the precipice of the Greatest Awakening and Transformation in Human History….

Through my own Transformational process of Awakening Consciousness and Reconciliation of Opposites, I’ve continued to gather many valuable tools, rituals, and resources to help you navigate Your own Awakening process with Grace and Ease,

  • It’s time to DEEPLY HEAL, Ourselves and our Planet.
  • To DEEPLY TRUST – As we Rise Together, We lay the foundation for the New Aeon
  • To SHINE our LIGHT on the Great Mysteries and bring them into the CENTER
  • To Empower the Collective to LET GO of Old Paradigm limiting beliefs that have kept us from our POWER, our DIVINITY, our CONNECTION TO DIVINE SOURCE AND THE ONENESS INHERENT IN OUR SOVEREIGNTY…..

Give yourself a gift of indulgence!
Are you ready to take a Quantum Leap?
Immerse yourself in this practice with Tami.

You ARE Worthy!

Just answer a few quick questions and then you will access my Calendar.

Take an empowered step towards Higher Levels of Consciousness. It is a great JOY for me to support You on Your path of Spiritual Awakening.

Together we will forge a plan of action to balance and align the 4 Pillars of Holistic Health; Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional.

UnVeil Your
Potential Through

Ultimate Light - 60 Day Cleanse and Release, Includes One on One Coaching and Nutritional Guidance

Transformational Healthy Life Coaching

Customizable Transformational Retreats

Shamanic Breathwork

Intentional Healing Systems - SACRED Geometry with EFT Tapping

Ancient Tarot and Oracle readings

ReBirthing Kundalini Yoga Series

Transformational Yoga

Yoga Hikes

Global Goddess Gatherings - Learning to Live Ritually and in CommUNITY

Conscious Adventure Travel

“I Am Heru Ra Ha, Lord and Queen of the Sun, Here to share Light, Life and Love To accomplish “The COMPLETE EMANCIPATION OF THE HUMAN RACE.”

Aliester Crowley

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