Seeds of Intention, Spirit of Love: Day Retreat

Seeds of Intention, Spirit of Love: Mini-Retreat

Spring is indeed in the air!

We honor the seasons with ceremony and celebration! Spring is my favorite time of the year... I walk outside in my Pennsylvania gray climate, to welcome the first robin who has returned to sing her song to me with joy and anticipation of Mother Earth awakening, seedlings sprouting and the days growing longer. I see the first colorful and fragrant blooms rising from the newly warmed earth.

This is our theme for a day filled with music, meditation, yoga practice, healthy and organic foods and spring elixirs, and a workshop to inspire you to plant seeds of intention in your life and in rich soil - then commit to nurture them all with love!

The Retreat Day Includes:

  • Yoga and Guided Meditation: We journey to the place when we were but a seed and emerging anew. The gentle and rhythmic flow practice and meditation will build on each other. Both will be led by Tami Gingrow with musical accompaniment.
  • Fuel Your Body: We offer foods available in the spring season and share why it is important to eat seasonally and how to use food as medicine. We love using this time to connect with others and build a strong sense of community.
  • Seed Planting Workshop: We will start with a guided meditation and journaling exercises, followed by actually planting seeds to take home and nurture until it is time to plant them in the earth! We hope this experience of planting and nurturing seeds allows you to reflect on your own life and what could be planted and nurtured until it comes to fruition in this new season!

We will provide different types of seeds to fit each day retreat, keeping in mind the best planting practices and recommended schedules. Your plants will be ready just in time for them to be planted in the ground.

Each day retreat also includes a plant-based potluck! Please bring your own delicious, healthy dish to share!

We also encourage you to bring any instruments you may have if you'd like to participate in a group jam session!

You choose which date(s) to attend!

  • Friday, April 26th, 6:30-9:30pm
  • Green Heiress 2
  • 1150 Freeport Road
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15238
  • Investment: $30

  • Sunday April 28th, 2-5pm
  • The Center of Harmony
  • 253 Mercer Street, Harmony, PA 16037
  • Investment: $30

  • We are happy to reserve the perfect lodging option for you.
  • Please reach out! We are always available and happy to help!
  • Call us at 412-999-3553 or email