Get Your Glow On

Get Your Glow On - From the Inside Out

Get Your Glow on - From the Inside Out

Would you like to have more energy? Would you like to brighten your skin with ingredients found in every pantry? Learn some easy tips and tricks to help you feel better from the inside out and bring out your skins natural radiance.

This day retreat is for you!

What You Will Receive

  • 75 minute transformational yoga practice

  • SCOBY face masque

  • 3 course lunch

  • Edible facial bar

  • Learn to make your own Kombucha

  • Take home a Kombucha making kit

Your special day begins by coming to your mat for a transformational yoga class. Tune in to your inner being through breathwork, meditation and a well rounded yoga practice focused on building poses from a strong foundation. During savasana, the relaxation at the end of class, we place a SCOBY on your face. The SCOBY or “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast” exfoliates and plumps up your skin for a bright and beautiful complexion.

Learn all about our edible facial bar. A fun way to combine culinary arts with self-care rituals. Our one of a kind edible facial bar is fun and informative. We share a 3-course meal while using the same ingredients to slather on our faces and learn the internal and external benefits of using them. You will be amazed at how your skin looks and feels.

Learn how to make kombucha tea and the health benefits of drinking it.People have been fermenting kombucha for thousands of years. Kombucha contains probiotics which help balance your intestinal flora, acetic acid, and polyphenols. Studies have shown that drinking kombucha lowers cholesterol, lowers blood sugar, has antimicrobial action, decreased rates of cancer, and improvement of liver and GI function.

Your kombucha making kit Includes a jar, SCOBY, Organic sugar, organic black tea, step by step instructions; everything you need to be making your own kombucha as soon as you get home!

Bring some friends or relatives and join in this nurturing winter day retreat.

Sunday February 24th from 11 am to 4:30 pm

The Center of Harmony

253 Mercer Street

Harmony, Pennsylvania 16037

Investment $150