You Deserve a ReTreat!

You are about to take a journey through yourself and back again during this week long Immersion in the endless stunning beauty of Playa Ballena, Costa Rica. Be Nourished and Supported as you Transform and Transcend all that no longer serves your highest good on your Soul Path… Unveil the Your Full Divine Radiance, Gain Clarity for Your next steps and Boldly Manifest your Dreams.

First, Select your Room

Now Customize your Retreat

Sacred Mushroom Ceremony

You are invited to join a Sacred Ceremony to connect deeply to the Magic of Medicinal Mushrooms! If this energetic and spiritual journey is right for you at this time, you will receive a one-on-one consultation and intake process that includes filling out a detailed health form and meeting with Merryn virtually before the retreat begins.

Sananga and Rapé Ceremony

Sananga and Rapé Ceremony

Dive deeper into the medicine path with these powerful medicines of the jungle. Allow Sananga, medicinal eye drops, and Rapé, tobacco in powder form, to physically and energetically cleanse your body.

Divine Purpose Ascension Alignment Kit

Tami is thrilled to share 2 of the most powerful tools that have helped her heal lifetimes of trauma. Kundalini Yoga and SACRED. SACRED uses Sacred Geometry, Crystal Technology, Intentions, Affirmations, visualizations, and EFT tapping to help you become the master of your energy field.

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