• Healing Arts

    Healing Arts

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Caring for the human body is an art.

Therapeutic Massage

Leave your cares outside & focus within.

Our experienced and talented massage therapists will put you at ease enabling you to relax and release tension as you enter a soothing environment. The gift of healing touch is just that, a gift. Those of us who possess this gift can’t help but share it. We, at Body in Balance Healing Center, are grateful to share what we are passionate about…healing.

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Aesthetic Skincare


Radiate Your Light in the World.

Here at Body in Balance, an array of healing arts including DMK Skin Revision Treatments - effective skin care resulting in optimal appearance with long term results.

We also offer an array of healing arts through our growing community.

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Wellness Services

Live Optimally. Naturally.

We have a relationship with our whole food chain. We have a made a decision to KNOW where our food comes from as much as possible. We know our local farmers, gardeners, foodies, markets, chefs, caterers, butchers, and foragers too!

We have connected with people who love food and their relationship to it. They ferment, make Kombucha, raise bees or chickens, brew beer, and make wine. As much as possible we are committed to connecting you with local, delicious, nutritious, and organic foods.

Whether you are panning your wedding, corporate retreat, family reunion, or family vacation, we will pair you with the perfect, chef, caterer, or food truck to provide creative and satisfying food for your event.

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Culinary Arts

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