Global Goddess Gathering

From Surviving to Thriving

Global Goddess Gathering - GGG is your TRIBE. It’s your wolf pack that has your back.

We are the ONES we’ve been waiting for. We are conscious souls who are stepping forward to Co-Create the World We Wish to live in…..AND claim responsibility for the World we leave for Future Generations.

Global Goddess Gathering Members are 100% responsible for the life you are manifesting.

This is for You if You are ready to …….

UnVeil your TRUE Nature

UnCover your Soul’s unique purpose for Being and Choose to BE the Sovereign Master of your Subconscious.

BE a LEADER in the LovElution!

Join Hearts and Hands with your sisters and brothers and RISE together!

We are not meant to be alone or to bear burdens alone. The Ego has kept us in Thriving mode. Free your spirit and enter THRIVAL mode.
We are powerful co-creators here in human form with our very own unique purpose for being that no one else can fulfill. You are Infinitely WORTHY.

It is up to US to Stand as the SOURCE of a Transformed World!

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We operate with a shared Leadership Circle

Our Leader’s Circle is open to anyone who is willing to commit to show up consistently, to lead parts of the gatherings, who are healers, teachers, mentors, coaches, elders, wisdom keepers, and have a heart to be a wayshower, torchbearer or prayer warrior.

This is a safe platform to share freely without fear of judgement. We support and nurture your Re-Membering process and assist you on your path to integrating your physical body into your spirit.

BeCome a member of our Leaders Circle!

Why do we gather?

When Women (and Men) gather, the world will heal

This is the simplest explanation I can offer.

I have a vision. It is a vision shared by many others ….
CommUNITY living Harmoniously in Joy, Bliss, LOVE, Balance, Gratitude, Reverence for our planet and all the creatures of Earth…Coming together to learn how we can support ourselves and one another in practical and meaningful ways.

We are at the precipice of the greatest Transformation in human HerStory. Our mission is to FREE ourselves of the fears, doubts, limiting false beliefs, lack and separation in all forms and ReClaim our POWER and RISE UP TOGETHER!!

It is our shared vision to unite circles, to end discord, strife and isolation.

New Moon Global Goddess Gatherings are Hybrid events offering both in-person and online connection.

All who have experienced the power of circles know that when Women and Men gather with shared principles, cooperation, collaboration, shared leadership, deep listening without judgment, welcoming diverse points of view, sharing of resources, honoring each member for their unique contribution. Living reciprocally….. as the foundation for unifying our dreams, energy, resources and actions and outcomes the Possibilities are limitless! Effects reverberate well beyond the gathering!

When do we gather?

Each and Every New Moon, Full Moon, Solstice and Equinox.

Our leader’s circle members curate healing events, retreats, programs and classes that are often made available to our members before they are open to the public. I promise, if you commit to simply show up, in person or via zoom from wherever you are on the planet, you will alchemize and magnetize, creating the life of your dreams with pure magic.

What is asked of a Leader?

The primary role of the leaders is to BE PRESENT each new moon. To BE accessible to stand for one another. To Enroll more members by BEing in service and BEing Generous, loving, and connected.

Leaders facilitate our gatherings. There are several opportunities each month. Opportunities include sharing astrology notes, illustrating the energy, sharing the energy of the heavens at the time of the gathering. Each gathering an opening and a closing ritual, meditation or ceremony.

Our leaders are offered a page in our Global Goddess Gathering Leader’s Circle Directory.

What to expect

5:30 pm Healthy plant based potluck (for in-person)

6:25 Connect via zoom

6:30 Opening sacred circle - Check in

6:40 Astrological forecast

6:50 Opening ritual, meditation or ceremony

7:10 Share circle

8:10 closing ritual, meditation or ceremony

8:30 Check out and mingle

In terms of what the gathering is, to put it simply, we all get together to eat and talk, or just listen if you don’t feel like talking. We see it as community building or lovingly called “goddess gathering” and a chance to actually meet and connect with others We are ReLearning how to gather in a feminine way, create friendships and have really beautiful and fun experiences together. The events often lead to some powerful actions and changes in the world at large, but also are very valuable for each attendee, on a personal level. Most who attend say that it’s almost like magic happens during the talking circles. Circles help us all realize that we are not alone in our struggles and triumphs and they help us to see how very similar we are despite our “differences”. This helps each attendee feel more grounded, connected and inspired. This sort of community building is TRULY PRICELESS!


Save the Date

  • Saturday January 21st – DAY RETREAT – Crowning the Queens
  • Monday February 20th
  • Tuesday March 21st
  • Thursday April 20th
  • Friday May 19th
  • Sunday June 18th – Summer Solstice Retreat June 16 to 18
  • Monday July 17th
  • Wednesday August 16th
  • Monday September 14th
  • Saturday October 14th – Harvest Retreat October 13-15
  • Monday November 13th
  • Tuesday December 12th

Remember if you are joining via Zoom, We begin at 6:25 pm

EST Receive the link upon registration

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