Nature Is My Medicine:  A Collaborative Yoga and Plant Experience

Nature Is My Medicine: A Collaborative Yoga And Plant Experience

Friday, May 24th - Sunday May 26th 2019

Do you ever feel disconnected from nature or lost in your daily routine?

It’s time to disconnect to reconnect. Get outside and move your body! Shake off your winter webs and dive into the energizing spirit of springtime. Learn about how to develop your connection to the land, use plants as medicine, eat your backyard, and live in harmony with the natural world. Connect with community over a delicious wild harvested meal and enjoy live music. Let go of your inhibitions and choose to live limitless.

This weekend series of workshops, brought to you by Tami Gingrow and Zack Kouns, offers you a unique chance to immerse yourself in nature, learn about plants, and get back to what really matters. Whether you join us for one workshop or the whole weekend, rest assured that you will return to your routines with more energy, inspiration, knowledge, and a deeper connection to yourself.

Over the weekend, we will be offering yoga hikes, wild foraging and plant identification walks, hands-on fermentation workshops, and so much more! We will be visiting many different natural biomes to provide a wonderful variety of plants and fungi, as we learn how to be in a healthy relationship with elements and plants. As a community, we fuel our bodies with healthy food, wild snacks, medicinal teas, and home-made fermented beverages!

We believe in living life to the fullest. Please join us and share in this holistic way of life. The workshops will be happening in different regions of the Greater Pittsburgh area so, no matter where you are, come out and explore with us! If you need any assistance in finding accommodations, we would be happy to help you. Whether you join us for one, two, or all of the weekend activities, we will be so happy to see you there!

What you will receive:

  • Connect with nature through yoga, breathwork, and meditative movement

  • Dive deeper into your relationship with your inner being

  • Learn to identify edible and medicinal plants in nature

  • Learn about cultivating a relationship with sacred plants

  • Learn how to prepare wild plants in nutritious and delicious ways

  • Learn the art of fermenting - unique, healthy and delicious recipes

  • Connect with community over a nourishing meal while enjoying live music

Locations and Schedule of Events:

Friday May 24th

  • 6 pm to 9 pm
  • Frick Environmental Center
  • 2005 Beechwood Blvd. Pittsburgh PA 15217
  • Yoga and Plant Hike from 6 to 8 pm
  • Herbal Beer and Wild Wine making class from 8 to 9 pm

Saturday May 25th

  • Full day of Events. Pick and choose or join us for the full day!
  • 11 am to 7 pm
  • Laurelville Christian Retreat Center
  • 941 Laurelville Lane, Mount Pleasant, PA 15666
  • Yoga and Plant Hike from 11 am to 2 pm
  • Nino’s Restaurant and Laurel Garden
  • 546 Three Mile Hill Road, Mount Pleasant, Pa 15666
  • Fermenting 101 Class from 2:30 to 4 pm
  • Wild Edibles Dinner prepared by Nino’s Restaurant 4 pm to 6 pm
  • Live Music by Zack Kouns from 5 to 7 pm in the Laurel Garden at Nino’s
  • Yoga and Plant Hike at Laurelville $50
  • You have 2 talented and knowledgeable professionals in Zack and Tami sharing a wealth of knowledge on plants, yoga and meditation and how to implement them into your daily routines to live a more balanced life for 3 hours!
  • It’s a short 10 minute drive over to Nino’s Restaurant for a very unique Fermentation workshop, Wild Harvested Dinner and Live Music with Zack
  • Workshop, Dinner and Live Music at Nino’s Restaurant $50
  • Only $100 to join us for the entire day!

Sunday May 26th

  • 10 am to 2 pm
  • Jennings Environmental Center
  • 2951 Prospect Road, Slippery Rock, PA 16057
  • Yoga and Plant Hike from 10 am to 12:30 pm
  • Healing Herbal Soda Make and Taste 12:45 to 2 pm

What To Bring:

  • Pack some healthy snacks to fuel your body during the Yoga and Plant hikes

  • Plenty of water for hydration

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, made for movement

  • Eco-safe sunscreen (as needed)

  • Rain gear (this is a rain or shine event)

Your Guides:

Tami Gingrow

Tami Gingrow practices elemental and transformational yoga in nature through her yoga hikes and holistic retreats. She continually studies homeopathy, naturopathy, plant medicines and nutritional healing, the science of breath and the subconscious mind, Egyptian and Native American shamanism, Mayan culture, Oracle guidance and all the beautiful aspects of living a holistic life to care for her family, her pets, her environment, and to offer guidance and counsel for clients and friends.

Zack Kouns

Kentucky native Zack Kouns is a lecturer, music composer, fermentation missionary, ecumenical journalist and researcher. He has spent the vast majority of his early life in the forests of Appalachia learning about Native medicinal and edible plants from his grandfather and he has a definite mandate to continue this lineage through educating the public with plant walks and workshops. Zack is delighted to share his passion and purpose for his craft with all who wish to learn and develop plant wisdom.

Learn more about the workshops:

Herbal Beer and Wild Wine Making

In this class Zack Kouns will teach you how to "harvest" the wild yeasts that surround us all and return to more primitive, healthy, simple and fulfilling methods of beer and wine making. If you've ever felt like making beer and wine was too mysterious, complicated or sterile then this is the class for you!

Fermentation 101

Join Zack Kouns, as he discusses the origins of fermentation, as well as the many health benefits that fermented foods provide. He will be demonstrating the basic techniques of fermenting your own veggies and other foods. The class will end with a Q&A session, so bring those questions!

Healing Herbal Soda Make and Taste

Zack Kouns teaches how to make our tasty soda with healing herbs, no preservatives and minimal ingredients.

Yoga and Plant Hikes

Tami shares with you how to fuse yoga and movement, with techniques for moving uphill and downhill. Increase your balance and stamina as we mindfully practice yoga using contours in nature such as trees, rocks, creeks and rivers. Every time I practice outdoors, I am grateful that my studio has no walls!

Yoga hikes are intentionally spontaneous. We connect with our inner child and experience nature through those eyes. It is easy to learn to focus on the moment with the sun shining, a breeze rustling the trees, the sounds of water and birds to replace the chatter in your mind.

Zack focuses on developing a relationship with plants, how to identify them, how to utilize them to improve your overall health, how to preserve them and much more.

We are really excited to blend our skill sets to bring you this very special, informative and fun weekend!