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Our community is limitless.

We invite you to join if you feel the call.

By honoring, supporting and sharing the unique gifts and talents of each member of this community whether it is an individual, company, charitable foundation, or cause, we bring more light to our own path. And to each other's paths.

We can say wholeheartedly - as we hold tremendous value for our word and integrity - that each member of this community has so much to offer. They uphold excellence in providing their services, their knowledge, their expertise, their healing art, and all that they bring to the table. Visit them with confidence and let them know that they came highly recommended by Body in Balance!

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Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Qigong

True Health & Fitness Clinic ›

  • Emily Andrews, LAc
  • Kevin Andrews, DC

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Physical Therapy & Gyms

True Health & Fitness Gym ›

Dr. Kevin Andrews, Owner, D.C., C.P.T, SGX

Hughes Physical Therapy ›

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Restaurants & Catering

Since 1971, Nino’s Restaurant has been a dining landmark amidst the beauty and bounty of Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands. Nino’s is housed in a converted farmhouse and former speakeasy. Our menu is seasonal Italian; our atmosphere is both elegant and eclectic.

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