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Yoga is a Way of Life

I believe it is most beneficial to practice outdoors, in Nature whenever possible.

The chief aim of yoga is expressed in the 2nd sutra.

“Yogas chitta vritti nirodha.”

Which translates to

Let us Cease the Fluctuations of the Mind

Transformational Elemental Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga Daily Sadhana

Kundalini Yoga Daily Sadhana Community Is a growing, nurturing community committed to starting each and every day with “Weaving” Sacred geometry, intentions, affirmations, visualizations, Kundalini yoga and Alchemy. A dedicated morning practice is one of the most beneficial choices you can make….It is a science, it works FAST & it’s guaranteed to uplevel every area of your life. The power of community is priceless. We have all experienced breakthroughs since starting on this journey together on January 1st 2023. It is a monthly membership priced with a sliding scale so that no one is excluded for lack of abundance. For less then the price of one yoga class you can practice every day with teachers who LOVE you and are fulfilling their purpose for being through service to the divine…..

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Yoga Hikes

Yoga Hikes are Tami’s own personal practice since she discovered yoga in 1996 while working a white water raft guide. It seems to me, yoga is meant to be practiced in Nature..Nature is Medicine. Many people express they have difficulty “quieting the mind”. Practicing in nature helps you to focus in the present moment. Immersing yourself in the elements and inviting your inner child to fully participate, keeping the practice fun, explorative, & intentionally spontaneous while gently guiding you to push through limitations and overcome fears delivers a profoundly beneficial yoga practice.

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Transformational Elemental Yoga

Body in Balance’s signature yoga class.. With an emphasis on pranayama, alignment, immersing yourself in the elements and nature, and most importantly…..going within….to discover and integrate your higher consciousness. Yoga is by no means a physical practice alone. It is a way of life. Why make yoga a way of life? If your body requires rehab, You become stronger, you would like to manage stress better, balance your body, mind, spirit and emotions. Tune into your inner child nature while increasing strength, flexibility, stamina and core stability.

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