Ultimate Light
60 Day Cleanse and ReNew

Your Holistic Road Map to a Balanced and Revitalized Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions

Would you LOVE to Look AND FEEL your Best ?

Cleansing and Detoxing your Body, your Mind AND your Energy Field is VITAL to FEELING your best and RADIATING your Highest Potential.

Are you Ready to Dive Deep?

We Empower you to solve these problems by…..

Clearing and Repatterning your Subconscious

ReProgram and BeCome the Master of your Energy Field

Detoxifying the Body through Nutrition

Mastering your Mind

Integrating your Heart with your Mind - (Heart/Mind CoHerence)

Creating NEW daily habits

Making a Commitment to PRACTICE these Habits for 60 Days

Integrating the Experience

ReBirthing and UnVeiling the Best Version of Yourself

Optimal Health Naturally, NOW! Is YOURS…When you Commit to practicing simple new habits

This is for you if….

Your energy levels are not sufficient to meet the demands of your daily routine

You desire to create more joyful experiences with your loved ones

You would like to lose weight, gain balance, flexibility, strength and improve your overall health and wellness

You routinely experience anxiety and overwhelm

You desire to manifest the life YOU dream of

You want to improve your relationships with yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and your relationship with money

Toxins prevent your life force energy from flowing freely within you

We are All exposed to Toxins and Poisons at alarmingly increasing levels and from literally thousands of sources.
Our water and air are filled with toxins too numerous to list.
Our food is grown from genetically modified seeds impregnated with poisons.
The use of glyphosate is common practice in conventional farming.
Our foods are processed to the point we can not recognize organic origins.
Chemtrails are sprayed in the air.
Our cleaning products and body products are filled with toxic ingredients.
Our clothing is made with harsh chemicals.

It is vital that we break through the blocks in our energy field to manifest changes in your physical body. We can learn to make better choices that reduce our exposure to toxins.

It is equally important to CHOOSE the information we allow into our energy field. What are you watching on TV or in the media? What kind of music are you listening to?

Our Bodies require support for this process through periodic Cleanse and ReNew protocols

We will guide you through an energetic Detox that will free your mind and emotions so you experience inner peace.
Experience the power of Sacred Geometry through Intentional Healing Systems – IHS Unity. Achieve and maintain higher levels of consciousness by combining these powerful tools;

Crystal encoded sacred geometry Symbols




EFT Tapping

The solution is not a quick pill for the ill. It requires an investment of your time, active learning, and participative engagement between you and the personalized team you create.

We are Honored to be a part of Your team!

What You Will Receive;

A welcome consultation to ensure you are set up for SUCCESS

2 Personal Coaching Sessions with Tami Gingrow to assess your current condition, personalize your Ultimate Cleanse, Create your unique morning practice, and set goals

2 Sacred IHS Unity Activations - Fear Release and Abundance Integration

Live Weekly Q&A Meetings via zoom

Weekly Meal prep tips, recipes, yoga and meditation videos and inspiration in your inbox

You’ll be connected with a team of others in the program to connect and support one another

2 Months supply of the following supplements

Diatomaceous Earth powder (DE)- 2.5 lb

E3 Probiotic (30 veggie caps- 50 billion viable units per cap)

3 bottles of CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (2 oz.) – (Our CLO2 is already activated by a proprietary process. No activator is required.)

Systemic Formulas Fung DX (60 caps)

E3Live Renew Me (300 caps)

Nano Silver (16 oz)

Trace Minerals

Transform Your Heart, Mind and Body.
ReMove Energetic Blocks and ReFill with PURE DIVINE LOVE

By making small conscious choices every day that reflect a step toward wholeness and expanding consciousness, truly magical changes will occur in your daily life.

We are Imaginal Beings. We create with our thoughts and our words. Thinking alone will not create the magic….Thinking AND FEELING will…

How will you FEEL when you achieve your goals of being Optimally Healthy? We have the Power to heal ourselves and our planet.

Each day you will gain clarity. You will begin to see how your actions impact the world around you. Everything we do affects everyone and everything else. The only change you can make is in yourself. Take responsibility for yourself and you will impact those around you. Your experiences and relationships improve because You learn new ways of BEing. You have the Ability to Respond Consciously in every situation. We are not powerless drones bumbling around, mere captives in The confines of a human body. We are immensely powerful creators of our world. We always have a choice…. Embodying this knowledge is the key to discovering the absolute freedom inherent in conscious choice… FREEDOM is the true aim of every Soul.

As a collective we have been consuming too much….The Scales of balance will always restore themselves.

It is the time for each of us to accept personal responsibility for where we are as a collective. Responsibility means “I have the Ability to Respond to every situation powerfully.

Recognize and honor the great importance of each and every change, great or small, we choose to make. Each decision has a ripple effect….

Choose right NOW to make your health and well being a TOP priority!

The world needs the very best version of YOU!

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